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This was a bucket list event for me , I had no expectations and didn’t quite realize the limits it would push me to , not being a super athlete at all . It got me training for off road running which was totally new for me . This event changed my life , I walk away humbled and grateful . To be able to run through such isolated places with the most incredible views and beauty , I stood in awe of God’s creation with tears running down my face , grateful to be alive and to live in the most beautiful country . And if that wasn’t enough , I was humbled by all the medics and marshals , you name them , for their kind hearts and spirits always watching out for us with such care, love and encouragement. This event could not have thought of anything more to make this a bucket list event for anyone ! Well done you guys thought of everything Nothing was to much. The food was prepared with such love, she will giggle, as I was in tears thanking her ! How do I thank Drylands management for the most incredible life changing event! If you thinking of doing it, do it, you won’t come back the same Bucket list ticked, thank you, thank you, thank you!

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