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All packages include the following:

A trail run that exposes you to all the Klein Karoo can offer. A prologue that starts underground in the world famous Cango Caves, a traverse of the majestic Swartberg mountain range and the ascent of the world heritage site of the Swartberg Mountain pass.

4 Stages and 3 nights accommodation (except for Own Accommodation option)

Official Race apparel

3 Scrumptious meals per day.

Dinner on Thursday evening as well as breakfast on Friday morning.

Picnic style lunch on the final day

Hospitality of the local community with all meals prepared locally with home cooked goodness.

Nutritional needs of the runners are kept in mind.

Vegetarian options available. Please contact Rene at: if you have any other special requirements regarding meals.


Tented Village:

Team Entry: R9 500.00 
Solo Entry: R5 200.00

Tented accommodation is included in the standard entry package – it is spacious enough for you and your travel bag.

  • Spacious 2 man tent per runner – ready for occupation when you arrive at the race village
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Hot showers
  • Clean accessible toilets
  • Swimming pool
  • Bring your own bedding

None of the tents in the tented village may be moved to another campsite

Own Accommodation booking:

Team Entry: R9 000.00
Solo Entry: R4 900.00 

This option is available for those runners that would like to stay close by or supply their own tent or caravan.

If you choose this option and wish to stay at the race village you need to book your campsite stand directly with De Hoek Mountain Resort.
Visit for more information or contact details. Do not arrive at De Hoek without a pre-booked campsite stand, all of these will be pre-sold.

Upgrade packages

Luxury Tent Upgrade 
Your luxury tent accommodation upgrade includes:

  • A 2.5 x 2.5 meter safari dome luxury tent (sleeps one or two)
  • One or two beds with white linen: duvet and pillows
  • One or two comfortable camping chairs

Please note that we only have 30 upgrades available.

In addition to purchasing your own accommodation package: R2 900.00

Supporter packages 

To purchase packages, the participant must log in and add the package to their profile.  Standard tented accommodation is included.  Please note that we only  have 20 upgrades available so book your spot to avoid disappointment.

Cost:  R1 900.00

Formal accommodation:

Not keen for a tent?  Don’t worry, we have chalets available at De Hoek Mountain Resort.  You will be walking distance from the race village.
Chalet (Sleep four people) – R3 200.00
Chalet (Sleeps six people) – R3 900.00

[This upgrade is unfortunately sold out]




31 OCTOBER 2019

12:00-15:30 | Registration
15:30 | Prologue Briefing (Compulsory)
16:00 | Shuttle to race start (Cango Caves Estate)
16:30 | Prologue start (Prologue start TBC, keep an eye on social)
19:00 | Dinner
20:00 | Race Briefing for Stage 1 (Compulsory)
Stage 1 | Swartberg Mountain

Stage 1 | Swartberg mountain


06:00 | Breakfast
07:15 | Shuttle to start (At Ou Tol, Swartberg pass)
08:00 | Race Starts (May start earlier. TBC at race briefing)
12:00 | Lunch
18:30 | Dinner
19:30 | Race Briefing



05:30 | Breakfast
06:30 | Shuttle to race start (Cango Caves)
07:00 | Race starts (Cango Caves)
12:00 | Lunch
18:30 | Dinner
19:30 | Race Briefing
20:00 | Themed Party: Karoo Saloon



07:00 | Breakfast
09:00 | Race Starts
11:30 | Lunch
12:00 | Prize Giving

Compulsory Equipment

(30 minutes penalty per item)

Hydration Backpack or hip pouch with bottles with sufficient capacity
Thermal top
Outer shell jacket
Space blanket
Extra food
Light of any form – for prologue only
Buff / hat

Massage Package

Pre-booking before the race is necessary

The Dryland Traverse is a 4 day Mountain adventure stage trail run covering 88KMS which take place in the klein karoo,South Africa. From the arid, dry semi-desert of Groot Karoo, to the hilly passes and lush vegetation of the klein karoo, the swartberg mountain range showcases diversity starting in the deep chambers of the Cango Caves, runners traverse jeep and single tracks, waterfalls and pass the precisely engineered National Monument. Allow us to be your partner for your ultimate recovery experience. EPT the ultimate recovery experience, a multi-disciplinary team, are privileged to provide you with a hands-on sports massage service on behalf of the event coordinators, Dryland. Their massage therapy is administered with up to date treatment techniques, and effective treatment products, executed by highly qualified therapists.

They also offer a variety of massage therapy products that enables the client to do self-treatment to ensure overall health of the body. Their professional services include recovery massage therapy, myofascial release, ice baths, strapping, taping and stretching. They also provide general advice on optimal recovery during and after the event. EPT is now working with COMPEX SA to provide you with another tool to aid in your post event recover. COMPEX, is an electrical muscle stimulation device developed over the past 30 years and houses up to date patented technology, or MI, scans YOUR muscle physiology and automatically adjust the parameters within the program to YOUR body/muscle state. Compex recovery programs are based on scientific evidence and results in a 300% increase in blood flow and 25% decrease in lactic acid

We offer the following:

Pre-event Massage and Stretching
Recovery Massage and Stretching
Pre-event Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)
Strapping and Taping (Kinesio taping and EAB strapping)
Foam rolling station (foam rollers and myofascial ball provided)


Training Program

Mauritz Jansen van Rensburg

Week 1-4

Session1 : 
35min Easy Excel for 1min fast after every 5min

Session 2 : 
20min Easy, 20min Tempo pace, 10min Interval pace

Session 3 : 
Long slow distance run: 1h00

Session 4 : 
Cross set: 10min rowing, 20 push ups, 30min easy run, 50 x Skipping, 10 min fast run.

Add 5min every week for session 1, add 10min every week for session 3, add 10 skips and 5 push ups every week session 4

Week 5-8

Session1 : 
1h00 Easy run offroad, every 10min go hard for 3min

Session 2 : 
10min Easy, 20x walking lunges, 20min Tempo, 20x w/lunges, 30min Easy running.

Session 3 : 
Long slow distance run: 1h45

Session 4 : 
Back to back sessions(2xruns), ideal Friday evening and Saturday morning. Run(a): 45 min including hills or steps Tempo pace, Run(b) 1h30 if possible offroad with water/backpack.

Add 30sec to the 3min Interval part of session1, add 10min every week to session 3, start using your breakfast to get fimiliar with it before Run(b) session 4.

Week 9-10

Session1 : 
10min warm-up, 5x6min fast effort with 3min easy jog recovery, 10min C/down

Session 2 : 
15min Easy, 25x walking lunges, 25min Tempo, 25x w/lunges, 35min Easy running.

Session 3 : 
Long slow distance run: 2h30, incorporate hills and or steps in your route.

Session 4 : 
Back to back sessions(3xruns), ideal Friday evening 1h20, Saturday morning 1h30 and one hour later a 25min Tempo run.

Week 11

Session1 : 
45min off road hill running, work hard on the uphills

Session 2 : 
10min warm-up, 4x4min at fast effort with 2min easy jog recovery, 10min cooldown

Session 3 :
60min trail E-pace, use your backpack etc to make sure all works well for the event

Session 4 : 
10min easy, 30min race pace effort, 10min cooldown

Week 12

Session1 : 
Monday: Easy 20min, 4 x 3 min hard with 1min recovery jogs, 10min Cooldown

Session 2 : 
Tuesday: Rest or Jog 30min Easy with good stretching

Session 3 : 
Wednesday: Jog 20min with 6 Strides

Prologue : 
Thursday: Warm-up 15-20min with 4x100m exellerations, just before your Dryland Traverse race prologue!!
Day 1 Dryland Traverse: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec exellerations
Day 2 Dryland Traverse: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec exellerations
Day 3 Dryland Traverse: warm-up by jogging 10min with 2-3, 30sec exellerations

Race Rules

Cancellations & Refunds

Refund Policy:

  • No substitutions will be accepted after 17 October 2019 at a substitution fee of
  • Refunds up to 30 April 2019 at 75% of the entry fee.
  • Refunds from 30 April 2019 until 31 July 2019 at 50% of the entry fee.
  • No refunds after 31 July 2019.
  • Please note that only fully paid entries received by 31 August 2019 will receive the complimentary event apparel.
  • Entries are not transferable.
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